Eski Group – Shaping Tomorrow, Celebrating Today

Karen and Stuart Burbury, as visionary CEO Directors, lead Eski Group with a passion for excellence and a commitment to the community. They stand as a beacon of innovation and tradition in Tasmania. As 100% shareholders, they steer their diverse enterprises across Tasmania, seamlessly blending innovation and tradition. Eski Group prides itself on a rich portfolio of businesses that contribute to the fabric of Tasmania’s economic and cultural landscape.

Visionary Leadership

Karen’s Leadership:
Karen’s leadership propels the success and growth of the diversified businesses. Her strategic vision and dedication ensure that each venture under the Eski Group umbrella not only thrives but also contributes positively to the Tasmanian community.

Stuart’s Direction:
Stuart complements Karen’s leadership with his own strategic insights and operational expertise. Together, they create a dynamic leadership duo that drives the Eski Group forward.

Eski Group Business Portfolio

Explore the meticulously crafted ventures of Eski Group, where each enterprise is developed with care and dedication. These businesses reflect unwavering commitment to enriching the Tasmanian experience:

  1. Hospitality:
    The hospitality businesses offer unique experiences that celebrate Tasmanian produce and heritage. From boutique accommodation to innovate restaurants, they provide exceptional service and memorable experiences.
  2. Agriculture:
    Eski Group’s agricultural ventures focus on sustainable practices and innovation. Producing high-quality Tasmanian Corriedales that are renowned and awarded for their excellence.
  3. Community Services:
    Eski Group is dedicated to giving back to the community. Supporting various local initiatives and organisations that aim to improve the lives of Tasmanians.

Commitment to Excellence

Eski Group are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. The portfolio of businesses are not just businesses; they reflect the values of Karen and Stuarts dedication to making Tasmania a better place and investing in local employees’ professional development.

Cataract On Paterson

“Just Your Honest, Casual, Everyday Extraordinary”

Located in Launceston, Cataract on Paterson is more than a restaurant; it’s a dining experience like no other!  Offering casual dining and sincere value it has become a local favourite for those seeking exceptional dining in a vibrant atmosphere.

Rupert & Hound


Located at the Seaport in Launceston, Rupert & Hound exemplifies the union of coastal charm and casual dining. With a menu that celebrates local seafood and Tasmanian flavours, it has earned its place as a distinguished culinary destination.

Burbury Pastoral

“Nurturing Tradition, Cultivating Quality”.

Central Midlands mixed farming operation running dual purpose sheep with an emphasis on fat lamb production. Our landscape tells the story of commitment, sustainability and pursuit of excellence. 

Georges Bay Apartments

“Explore, Unwind, Enjoy!”

Motel situated in St Helens, Georges Bay Apartments offers comfortable and inviting stay for guests exploring Tasmania’s East Coast. 

Leamington Corriedales

“Production. Performance. Profitability.”.

Dedicated to elevating excellence in Corriedale breeding, based in the central midlands our main breeding objective is to produce quality rams that perform under commercial conditions. Explore the legacy of Leamington Corriedales, where tradition meets innovation.

One Above Cataract

“Elegant Accommodation.”

A well-appointed 2-bedroom penthouse, just moments from Cataract Gorge and located above highly awarded Cataract on Paterson.

Hound Dog Lager

“Have you been bitten by the Hound?”

A collaboration with Little Rivers Brewing Co. this brew mirrors summer rays, providing a crisp light bodied easy to drink brew with a refined, laid-back vibe and loaded with charisma!

Ruperts Raspberry Sour

“A Burst of Vibrancy.”

Crafted in collaboration with Little Rivers Brewing Co. this distinctive sour embodies the essence of a perfect day in the sun, offering a delightful and invigorating brew that transcends the ordinary, offering a harmonious blend of tart raspberry notes and unparalleled refreshment.”

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